Trackdown Project

This graduation shortmovie was made during my last year at Artfx school. It lasted around one year to get rid of this huge project.
We were three students working fulltime on it, and some other specialists students worked with us for specific tasks as Concept, Animation, or FX.

It was pretty hard, but so exciting and formative. It's crazy as a project can teach and help to understand such things.

Sweat is the best teacher you can have

Softwares used

  • Modeling : Autodesk Maya, Pixologic ZBrush
  • Texturing : Substance Painter
  • Rendering : Arnold
  • Compositing : The Foundry Nuke

My Tasks

  • Pre-Production : Director, Concept, Scenario, StoryBoard, Previz, Shooting Places Researches, Props Researches
  • Shooting : Cam OP, Boom OP
  • Post-Production : Modeling of the Protective Plates of the rhinoceros, Texturing of the rhinoceros, Texturing of the car, Compositing, Music Director, Sound Design Director