Last Hope Project

I found a concept by Pierre Lazarevic (check his Artstation here) that inspired me to create a spaceship environment. I first created the 3D model of the sci-fi machine by adapting it to match with my concept.

Speaking about Concept, I wanted to create a Sci-fi Spaceship that could be used for mysterious purposes.
The concept here was perfect : to be honest, who can find what's the main function of this thing ? Maybe a Cryogenic machine ? An Incubator ? Or even a Dishwasher ? I really liked the idea of strange things that happen in this spaceship.

We can see the Earth in the background. Maybe the human species has disappeared and this machine is incubing the last human that could save an entire civilisation.

.. Or maybe someone is just washing his futuristic clothes ? (:

Concept of Pierre Lazarevic

Softwares used

  • Modeling : Autodesk Maya
  • Texturing : Substance Painter
  • Rendering : Arnold
  • Compositing : The Foundry Nuke